Tsuda University

Undergraduate Courses

College of Liberal Arts

The College of Liberal Arts follows the philosophy of our founder, Umeko Tsuda, by nurturing “all-round” individuals. Students study a wide variety of disciplines: those in the Department of English learn language, literature, culture and communication, while those in the Department of International and Cultural Studies work toward attaining an integrated understanding of our society. In the Department of International Cooperation and Multicultural Studies, through fieldwork and high-level seminar tuition, students learn about multicultural co-existence and international cooperation to realize a more harmonious society. Students in the Department of Mathematics and the Department of Computer Science learn both pure and applied mathematics and computer science. All students take general liberal arts subjects, and many take classes offered by departments other than their own. This results in an educational system which helps Tsuda women develop into well-rounded adults.

In her address at the school’s opening ceremony in 1900, Umeko Tsuda stated the importance of a capable, devoted faculty and of students with an intense desire to learn. Today, more than one hundred and ten years later, we still take pride in our dedicated teachers and our eager students. Further, we create small classes so that teachers can give the greatest possible attention to the needs of each individual student, and we intend to maintain this academic atmosphere.

Thus, in their language classes, students learn not only English or other languages, but also international awareness and different ways of looking at things. In their seminars and other small classes, students have the opportunity to develop a close relationship with their professors, who encourage them to question and to think critically. The students’ language ability, international outlook, and ability to think for themselves make them truly “all-round women,” and give them access to a broad range of career opportunities as well.

College of Policy Studies

The College of Policy Studies exists to provide the practical knowledge and problem-solving skills required to advance modern society. While Japan is a highly developed country it faces a number of serious social issues that young people must address, including an ageing population, the impact of globalization and the role of information technology. In order to help them do so, the College strives to cultivate young female leaders who are fluent in English, skilled at communication and also equipped with practical data analysis skills for solution-oriented policy-making.