Tsuda University

Tsuda Vision 2030

In 2017, Tsuda University set out its strategy for the future under the heading Tsuda Vision 2030. This lays out the university’s strategy for developing and enriching higher education for women in a way that responds to the demands of the age, while staying true to the spirit of the university’s founder, Umeko Tsuda.

Tsuda Vision 2030 serves to guide all faculty members by expressing a vision of the type of women society expects us to nurture, the type of education and research the university should offer, and the way the university itself should evolve to ensure it can amply meet these expectations through 2030.

Tsuda Vision 2030's overarching ideas are expressed in the motto "empowering women to make a difference" and in our mission statement, and there are five separate visions for our education, our research, our alumnae, our management, and for the university itself. Each department will be guided strategically by the visions in formulating a medium-term action plan. These plans should set specific annual targets to help ensure that solid and steady progress is made towards achieving the visions and building a thriving future for the university as a relevant and effective educational institution.


Empowering Women to Make a Difference

Mission statement

Discover your true potential,
Share your strength with others,
Have the courage to overcome uncertainty,
Let your creativity shine, even in a time of adversity.

Ever since Umeko Tsuda paved the way, thousands of Tsuda University graduates have been making a difference, bringing about both small, immediate changes in local environments and large transformations with an international impact.

In today’s world, change is a fashionable word, and people may sometimes feel overwhelmed by the changes taking place around them. Nevertheless, Tsuda University graduates are constant in their efforts to make a difference and create a better society because of the strong sense of duty and responsibility that they have inherited. It is an inheritance that makes them drivers of change.

It is because of who we are that Tsuda University has adopted the motto "Empowering women to make a difference."

The five visions

I. Our University's Vision

  • Educating women to make a difference; learning that continues for a lifetime
  • To share Umeko Tsuda's philosophy throughout Asia and the world

II. Our Educational Vision

  • We pledge to offer our students time and attention of a high quality
  • To foster their power to think and act independently
  • To nurture their power to understand and respect diverse opinions

III. Our Research Vision

  • Promote open social research
  • To marshal rich experience and up-to-date knowledge, based on Umeko Tsuda’s vision of educating women to excel on the world stage

IV. Hand in Hand with our Alumnae

  • Strengthen cooperative links between the university and our alumnae
  • To pass Umeko Tsuda's baton on to future generations

V. Our Management Vision

  • Pursue positive, healthy management
  • To guarantee that our vision is achieved

“Tsuda Vision 2030 Empowering Women to Make a Difference” is a registered trademark of Tsuda University in Japan.