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Promoting Exchange Programs for International Students in Meeting Their Educational and Career Goals

Tsuda’s formal student exchange program started in 1978 with the signing of an exchange agreement with Bryn Mawr College. Since then, the University has established student exchange or visiting programs with 30 institutions abroad. We accept international exchange students either for one year (April to January or September to July) or for half a year (spring semester or fall semester), depending upon students’ preferences.

The Center for International Exchange (CIE) provides many services to international students including advice on academic systems, registration for national health insurance, scholarship application, and orientations. The CIE helps assign campus accommodations for international students, and by collaborating with departments, faculties, and local communities, the CIE supports international students, including degree-seeking students, in order to enhance their educational, cultural, and social experiences so that they can make the most of their stay at Tsuda University.

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