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May 21, 2019

“Master Architect” Decided for Tsuda University
Kodaira Campus Master Plan

Tsuda University has set out Tsuda Vision 2030 that responds to the demands of the present age, while staying true to the education philosophy of the founder, Umeko Tsuda. To realize this vision, we are planning to develop a far-sighted master plan of the Kodaira Campus that incorporates building reconstruction ideas within the academic year of 2019. Based on the proposals tendered, we have selected Sou Fujimoto Architects, Koto-ku, Tokyo, represented by Sou Fujimoto as the master architect of its design.

Comment from Yuko Takahashi, President of Tsuda University

The Kodaira Campus is approximately nine hectares and located adjacent to Tamagawa Josui Water Supply and Kodaira Central Park. Its natural environment is exceptional among other university campuses in Tokyo.
One of the core buildings on this campus is the main building – Hartshorne Hall. It was constructed after the Great Kanto Earthquake as a result of the vigorous fund-raising activities in the United States by Anna C. Hartshorne, a close friend and strong supporter of Umeko Tsuda.
Inheriting the framework of the master plan made by Mr. Koichi Sato who designed this main building, this campus has a rich natural environment and historical buildings and provides a space that exudes tradition and appeal likened to those of liberal arts universities in New England of the United States. Memories of various scenes and historical events around the main building (est. 1931), courtyard, and front garden are a source of pride for students, faculty, and alumnae.
On this “land” where Umeko Tsuda lies at rest in the cemetery, the spirit of the founder lives on. On this land exists the power, or “land spirit,” left by those women who inherited the baton from Umeko and overcame with all their might many crises including wartime when English was a language of the enemies.

Mr. Sou Fujimoto, the master architect, understands and appreciates such a spirit of our university. With him, we are determined to solve various issues based on the needs of the times while carrying on the existing campus tradition and values. We will also strive to make our campus more interconnected and appealing in order to establish a campus that has “Tsuda University” characteristics to set us apart from any other traditional universities.

Yuko Takahashi, President of Tsuda University

Comment from Sou Fujimoto, representative of Sou Fujimoto Architects

I vividly remember when I first visited the Kodaira Campus of Tsuda University. Being on the campus surrounded by the lush Musashino forest, I felt as if the passion and vision of the founder, Umeko Tsuda, and her supporters were still alive in the present day transcending time. The master plan and the main building (Hartshorne Hall) designed by Mr. Koichi Sato at the time of founding are elegant and open, and invoke a feeling that they are speaking to people about the ideal and challenges of this campus. The beautiful library that was constructed by Mr. Kenzo Tange in the 1950s as a state-of-the-art modern architecture at the time tells us how Tsuda University has allowed its tradition and progressiveness to coexist and carved out new times. Memories, passions, and dreams of all people who have spent times on the campus are alive here.

I think that developing the master plan means to earnestly carry on this history and memories and pass them on to the future generations. It also means to embrace Umeko Tsuda’s founding vision and strongly rotate both axes, “succession of tradition” and “creation of the future.” I believe that diversity and acceptance of Musashino Forest will be more important than ever in the present age. The original master plan with clear axes would be the spiritual source of the campus and the people engaged with it. While opening my ears to its tradition and memories and sharing my anticipations for the future with everyone, I would like to carry out my duty as the master architect.

Sou Fujimoto, Sou Fujimoto Architects

Hartshorne Hall

Main Building (Hartshorne Hall)

Kodaira Campus of  Original Design

Kodaira Campus of Mr. Koichi Sato’s Original Design

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