International Exchange Programs

International Exchange Programs

Promoting Exchange Programs for International Students in Meeting Their Educational and Career Goals

Tsuda’s formal student exchange program started in 1978 with the signing of an exchange agreement with Bryn Mawr College. Since then, the College has established student exchange or visiting programs with 25 institutions abroad. We accept international exchange students either for one year (April to January or September to July) or for half a year (spring semester or fall semester), depending upon students’ preferences. In our exchange programs, we welcome international exchange students and send Tsuda students to one of our overseas partner institutions. Our visiting programs are one-way arrangements in which Tsuda students take part in study-abroad programs at partner institutions.

Partner Institutions

Tsuda University has exchange programs with the following partner institutions. If your institution is listed below and you wish to study at Tsuda University, consult with advisors at your home institution .

To Apply for Enrollment, please see International Exchange Tsuda University web site.