Center for International Exchange

Staff at the Center for International Exchange (CIE) offer a variety of services for international exchange students. For example, they assist international exchange students with registration for the national health insurance, help them with their applications for scholarships, and also provide them with information on social and cultural exchanges such as homestay programs and various events within or outside Tsuda University.

International Exchange (CIE)
Welcom Party

Academic Advisors

Each international exchange student has an academic advisor, who will advise her on choosing classes and making her academic life productive.

Big Sisters

Each international exchange student has two “Big Sisters” who assist in becoming familiar with student life in Japan. They voluntarily help exchange students with their student life at Tsuda.

Roles of Big Sisters:
  1. They go to Haneda or Narita Airport to pick up international exchange students.
  2. They give advice for international exchange students’ lives in Japan.
  3. They explain the dormitory rules and usage of the dormitory facilities.
  4. They confirm information and decisions made at the dormitory meetings and explain them to international exchange students.
  5. They explain information that is put up on the notice board in the dormitory.
Big Sisters

Plum Park

Plum Park is a students’ association which supports international students at Tsuda University in their daily and academic lives. It provides support for studies (tutoring etc.), information for everyday life, and social exchange events for Japanese and international students.

Plum Park

Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular activities are organized by about a hundred groups of students at Tsuda University. They include athletic clubs, music clubs, cultural clubs and clubs focusing on many other areas of interest. Their scales are varied consisting of 10 to 50 members. We suggest that international exchange students who are interested in joining visit these clubs with their Big Sisters and friends. Club activities provide international exchange students with good opportunities to develop friendships with Japanese students and learn more about Japanese culture.

These are some of the clubs

Athletic Clubs

Tennis, Skiing, Field Hockey, Dance (social, hip-hop, jazz, etc.), Aikido, Japanese Archery, Shorinji-Kempo, Basketball, etc.

Culture Clubs

Flower Arrangement, Tea Ceremony, Noh and Kyogen, Calligraphy, Fine Arts, etc.

Music Clubs

Mandolin, String Orchestra, Brass Band, Chorus (mixed),Koto, Light Music, etc.


Alumni Network (Fureai Network)

Consisting of Tsuda alumni, Fureai Network volunteer to supports exchange students studying at Tsuda University. The network arranges homestays during vacations and invites the students to some activities in relation to Japanese culture.