Policy Studies

College of Policy Studies

The College exists to provide the practical knowledge and problem-solving skills required by modern society. While Japan is a highly developed country it faces a number of serious social issues that young people must help address, including an ageing population, the impact of globalization and the role of information technology. In order to help them do so, the College of Policy Studies strives to cultivate young female leaders fluent in English and skilled at communication, who are also equipped with practical data analysis skills for solution-oriented policy-making.

Department of Policy Studies

Developing problem-solving skills built upon a foundation of English fluency and analytical ability.

In the Department of Policy Studies, studies in English language, the social sciences, and the data sciences form a foundation for cultivating problem-solving skills. Using Problem-Based Learning (PBL) methods, students identify problems on their own initiative, and then actively carry out research and investigation into possible solutions. Notably, for their second-year seminar, students engage in internships and volunteer work as well as fieldwork for promoting concrete, practical learning.