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Research Institutes
We have extensive academic exchange programs with universities both in Japan and abroad.
Tsuda University’s three research institutes correspond to the four departments in our Faculty of Liberal Arts and to the graduate schools. These institutes conduct academic exchanges with other universities both in Japan and abroad. To achieve this goal, each institute sponsors symposia, lectures, and academic projects.

  •  Institute for Research in Language and Culture
  • This research institute conducts numerous research projects spanning the following fields: British and American Literature, Linguistics, Language Education (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, Japanese as a Foreign/Second Language), British Studies, American Studies, and Communication Studies. Faculty members of the Department of English head the projects, with part-time faculty, scholars including many alumnae, and graduate students participating. Researchers from other universities and from abroad are also welcome. Research results and other academic activities of the Institute are reported in its annually published journal, the Tsuda Journal of Language and Culture.

  •  Institute of International and Cultural Studies
  • The Institute organizes and facilitates a broad spectrum of research projects in which the faculty and post-doctorate graduate research fellows develop new visions and methods relating to contemporary international relations and area studies. The Institute also supports and promotes 10 study groups which form an academic network across and beyond the Tsuda campus. As part of this network, the Institute holds a research colloquium each month at which an outside researcher is invited to present. This creates a unique opportunity to broaden perspectives and reflect on individual research. Finally, the Institute annually publishes the Tsuda University IICS Bulletin, a publication that contains detailed reports on current research activity.

  •  Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science
  • This research institute is known for the high quality of its research in the fields of mathematics and computer science. We publish research results in our bulletin, and include the details of the symposia we hold one or two times per year. We also frequently invite researchers from around the country and from overseas to discuss their research results and exchange information with them.

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