Employment Data

Undergraduate Students

Tsuda students are eager to make a contribution to society, and each year about 85% of the seniors seek employment.** This year 99.0% of all jobseekers found employment (Department of English 98.1%, Department of International and Cultural Studies, 100.0%, Department of Mathematics 97.1%, Department of Computer Science 100.0%).
As can be seen from the pie charts below, a high percentage (86%) of the students who found positions were employed by institutions (firms, schools, etc.) which were either their first or second choice. Also, it is noteworthy that nearly all Tsuda’s new contributions to the work force (91%) chose careertrack positions or professional positions, indicating their desire to work equally with men over the long term.

■Success in getting jobs of one’s choice

■Type of position

Career Paths

Tsuda students have a wide range of interests and talents, and although there are of course some differences by department, those interests and talents are reflected in the wide range of areas in which they sought and found work.

Graduate Students

Career Paths after Graduation - Results of Students Graduated in March 2016

Graduate Programs Graduates Employed Continuing
English Language and Literature MA course 17 8 1 8
Ph.D course 2 0 0 2
International and Cultural Studies MA course 3 1 1 1
Ph.D course 1 0 1 0
Mathematics and Computer Science MA course 6 5 0 1
Ph.D course 3 2 0 1
*"Other" icludes graduates working as part-time instructors, and graduates who are preparing for studying abroad, or to become high school teatchers, or public servants,etc.

English Language and Literature

Companies and Organizations (2006-2015)

Casio Computer Co., Ltd. / Japan Pension Service / Culture Pro. / MEFOS Ltd. / Toranomon Chuo Law Firm. / Grace Technology, Inc./ JIAS / Tamasu Co., Ltd. /Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd. / Yoshimiya Patent Office / Japan Placement Center Co., Ltd. / GROP CORPORATION. / Sakura KCS Corporation and others.

Universities and Colleges

Tokyo University / Tohoku University / Gunma University / Gunma Prefectural Women's University / Yokohama City University / The University of Kitakyushu / Tsuda University / Wako University / Nihonbashi Gakkan University / Fukuoka University / Tokai University / Tokyo Zokei University / Musashino Gakuin University / Hosei University / Surugadai University / Kanda University of International Studies / Tamagawa University / Tokyo Women's Medical University / Wayo Women's University / Nagoya Bunri University / Tokyo International University / Tokyo Kasei Gakuin University / Takachiho University / Senshu University / Nanzan University / International Budo University / Otsuma Women's University / Japan Women's College of Physical Education / Chuo University / Nagoya Women's University / Taisho University / Juntendo University / Kyoto Sangyo University / Kanagawa University / Kokugakuin University / Nihon University / Atomi University / Tokiwa University / Kokushikan University / Kansai University / Tsuru University / St. Luke's International University / Yonezawa Women's Junior College / Tokyo Metropolitan College of Industrial Technology / Shinshu Honan Junior College / Yamawaki Gakuen Junior College

Junior and Senior High Schools

Tokyo Metropolitan High School / Saitama Prefectural High School / Chiba Prefectural High School / Aomori Prefectural High School / Aichi Prefectural High School / Toyama Prefectural High School / Shimane Prefectural High School / Yokohama City Senior and Junior High School / Atomi High School / Chiba Keizai University High School / Gakusyuin Girls' Junior and Senior High School / Hoshino Junior High School / International Christian University High School / Japan Women's University Junior and Senior High School / Keiho High School / Kunimoto Gakuen / Kyoritsu Girls' Junior and Senior High School / Musashino joshigakuin Junior and Senior High School / NHK Academy of Distance Learning / Nihon University Tsurugaoka Senior High School / Seikei Junior and Senior High School / Shiraumegakuen High School / Shirayurigakuen Junior and Senior High School / Takusyoku University Daiichi High School / Toho Junior and Senior High School / Toin Gakuen Tokyo Junshin Girls' Junior and Senior High School / Tokyo Kasei Junior and Senior High School / Waseda Jitsugyo Gakko / Wayo Konodai Girls' Junior and Senior High School

International and Cultural Studies

Companies and Organizations (2006-2015)

The Yamanashi Nichinichi Shimbun / Japan Society for the Promotion of Science / Mazda Motor Corporation / Seiko Gallery / ANA Telemart Co., Ltd. / Nippon Life Insurance Company and others.

Universities and Colleges

Yamagata University / Hitotsubashi University/ Yamaguchi University / Hiroshima University / Niigata University of International and Information Studies/ Tsuru University / University of Shizuoka / Osaka Prefecture University / Hisoshima City University / The Universityu of Kitakyushu / Tsuda University / Tokiwa University / Aoyama Gakuin University / Otsuma Women's University / Keiai University / International Christian University / Josai International University / Showa Women's University / Sophia University / Seisen University / Bunka gakuen University/ Hosei University / Nishogakusha University / Meiji Gakuin University / Rikkyo University / Nagoya Univesity of Commerce and Business / Nanzan University / Nanzan University / Ritsumeikan University / Shikoku Gakuin University / Hiroshima Shudo University / Kurume Universtiy / University of Teacher Education Fukuoka / Okinawa International University / Okinawa University/ The National Museum of Ethnology (Minpaku) /Tokiwa Junior College / The National Autonomous University of Mexico

Mathematics and Computer Science

Continuing Education, Universities and Colleges, Junior and Senior High School, Research Institutes,
Google Inc./ Toshiba Corporation / Hitachi, Ltd. / Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd. / Toshiba Solutions Corporation / Hitachi Solutions, Ltd. / Hitachi Inspharma, Ltd. / Mitsubishi UFJ Trust Systems Co.,Ltd. / Richo Company, Ltd. / QUICK Corp. / Hewlett-Packard Japan, Ltd. / Fujitsu Marketing Limited / Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. / Jupiter Telecommunications Co., Ltd. / Japan Broadcasting Corporation / The Japan Research Institute, Limited / Fjitsu Limited / TEPCO Ssystems Corporation / Bank of Japan

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